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Get To Know Our Team

Team Directory

Emily Shelton, LCPC, LAC, C-DBT

Owner of Mountain Therapy, LLC. Mental Health and Addiction therapist specializing in CBT, DBT, and Motivational Interviewing. She is certified to practice in both CBT and DBT. She offers DBT groups. Emily has been practicing for over ten years. She has experience in various settings, including inpatient and outpatient behavioral health and crisis management. She also attends school at Grand Canyon University to work on her Ph, D. in Psychology with an Emphasis on Cognitive Instruction.  

Ashley Smith, PLCPC, LAC

Retired from the Navy, Ashley is working towards his LCPC and LAC. He is currently a candidate for both. He is laid back, compassionate, and willing to spend the extra time to help you meet your goals. He offers telehealth counseling if requested.

Katie West, PLCPC (LCPC Candidate and Specializes in Art Therapy)

Katie comes from Butte, Montana.   She loves the outdoors and greatly appreciates the world and its beauty. Her passion is showing others how to cope and deal with life's challenges through art and creativity. She enjoys working with individuals of all ages. She will see anyone from age 2 to adult. 

Tori Shelton, Office Manager/Human Resources Manager

Tori handles the scheduling of appointments and human resources. She manages the overall business payment arrangements and keeps the office updated on all certifications, policies, and procedures. She also handles all client and employee grievances. She graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice, which helps when working with clients involved in the legal system. 

Jenn Jovin, MSW, Intern

Jenn specializes in Trauma Informed Care and Resiliency. Jenn is retired after serving 20 years with the US Army and US Air Force. She wants to assist clients in becoming their best selves. She aims to give clients tools to cope and overcome life's challenges. She also specializes in military members and their families. She will be working with children four years and older and adults.  

Austin Shelton, Medicaid Specialist/Group and Case Management Support

Austin makes everyone feel right at home. He is dedicated to all Medicaid payments and claim payments. He also helps support our social groups.

Alivia Shelton, Receptionist and Office Administration/Payee Support

Liv is our receptionist as well as Administrative Assistant and payee support. She is an integral part of keeping our company running smoothly. She is also a full-time student working on her nursing degree.  

Case Managers, Soon to Come. Awaiting Certification:

Exciting things to come.

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